How You Can Help


EPN continues to work with its partners and contacts in Kogi State to identify educational needs in the local communities. A number of significant projects have been identified. The trustees are working to determine the one that is most pressing and would have the most favorable impact when completed. When a decision is made a fundraising campaign for that project will be undertaken.


In the interim, the St.Pius and Redeemer Schools have provided a list of smaller but no less important needs for their students.


These include:


• English and Math Textbooks for grades 1-6 at a cost of $300 per grade.


• Handwriting, vocabulary, agriculture, social studies, science, home economics, and physical education books for grades 1-6 at a total cost of $250.


• Miscellaneous items including volley and soccer balls, Legos, Sharpies, other markers, pencils at a total cost of $350.


Of course, your donation of any amount is always welcome. Funds go directly to the schools. There is no organizational infrastructure to support as the board of trustees (completely volunteer) is the group that determines the project, oversees the construction and completion, and directly pays the bills.


If you would like to learn more about EPN, or talk further about how you
can help, please contact us.