St. Jude Nursery and Primary School


St. Jude Nursery and Primary school Uchuchu in Ibaji local government area of Kogi state, Nigeria. The school caters for 300 boys and girls  in a very difficult and deprived area. The children and teachers are learning under very difficult circumstances. It is the only live line to early and elementary education that is available to the children of Uchuchu. The school was established by the diocese of Idah about 6 years ago. It is the only school in the community. The sum of $70,000.00 is needed to build a block of six classrooms and office space for the administration.
Your donation will help us provide for these children and their teachers a conducive place for learning and teaching. Find below the current school structure as at January 20, 2021 when I visited. The three nuns work in the school. The children were home because of COVID regulations.

Update: School Completed February 2022!

School Complete and Open! 

Previous St. Jude School (Prior to Construction)

St. Jude - New School Construction (Phase 1)

Site Prep, Footings and Foundation


St. Jude - New School Construction (Phase 2)

Columns, Walls and Roof


St. Jude - New School Construction (Phase 3)

Windows, Doors, Exterior and Interior Finishes