Current EPN Projects


St. Kizito Minor Seminary High School - Property Wall


Over the last 7-10 years Nigeria has been dealing with the terrorist group Boko Haram, associated with the Islamic State of West Africa. Over the last few years Boko Haram has been kidnapping students from residential high schools and then demanding exorbitant ransoms for their safe return.


In late July 2022 Father James was informed by the bishop’s office that nomadic shepherds associated with the group had moved close to the campus of St. Kizito, causing concern that they
may try to kidnap students. The school asked EPNigeria for $23,000 to enable it to build a 7 ft high
concrete wall topped by barbed wire as a means of protection. As of early 2023 the walls was approximately 75% complete.

Tailored For Education (Ted) Uniforms


Tailored for Education established in 2011, makes uniforms for needy students worldwide, working with local tailors and in doing so also supports the local economies. The organization has made 30,000 uniforms since it began, mostly for students in Africa. In 2021 Tailored for Education provided funds for uniforms (school uniforms, sandals and shoes, undergarments and an athletic kit for sports and gym class) for the 300 children (146 boys/154 girls) of St. Jude. TED has funded over 1,000 uniforms to date through Education Partners Nigeria.


John Ofei Memorial Nursery/Primary School

School Upgrades: Provide much needed repair and upgrades to school including repairing windows, partioning classroom, and extensive paitning.

Rev. Fr. John Uba Ofei Memorial Nursery Primary School, started in the year 2012 with two classroom block and a small hall. Since the establishment of the school, it has grown immensely to population with one hundred and fifty (150) pupils. The school is open to the children of all faiths. The community is made up of Christians, Muslims and adherents of African Traditional Religions – local deities and ancestral related practices. There is a very harmonious relationship between the various spiritual traditions, however these structures are not in good standard. 

William Kupiec Girls Academy


Classroom Upgrades: