EPN Future Projects


Rev. Fr. John Uba Ofei Memorial School


Rev. Fr. John Uba Ofei Memorial Nursery Primary School, started in the year 2012 with two classroom block and a small hall. The Founder, Fr. Isaac Bossey of blessed memory initiated the establishment of the school with the intention of giving a balance education to the children in the community both academic, moral and spiritual.

Since the establishment of the school, it has improved immensely in population with one hundred and fifty (150) pupils and in structure. The school is open to the children of all faiths. The community is made up of Christians, Muslims and adherents of African Traditional Religions – local deities and ancestral related practices. There is a very harmonious relationship between the various spiritual traditions.


Unfortunately, the school structures are in need of extensive repair, and equipment that would have aided a perfect academic learning are lacking.


It is on this ground that renovating some parts of the structures like demarcation of the hall, fixing of windows, equipping of the babies class, (Crèche), painting and two solar panels to power the crèche and the head teacher’s office.

St. Kizito Seminary Kitchen, Iyegu - New Kitchen


All meals (3 a day) have been prepared for the students in a rudimentary open kitchen with dirt floors, no doors and no windows. A dilapidated wood stove provides the sole source of energy. The area has no electricity. Food is kept cold in aluminum pots. Plumbing is virtually non-existent. There are eight women employed as cooks.


The state of the kitchen and the use of fire wood for cooking is no longer sustainable and healthy for the women and the students. The condition and the environment requires urgent attention. The goal is to completely remodel the kitchen and introduce commercial gas stove to cater for such large number of boys.